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Brought to you by Talon International Inc. 


Known for our reputable position in the fashion space since 1893 and famous zippers like “Hookless,” Talon has been the brand that helps fasten up the jeans, jackets, shoes, and garment of trendsetters everywhere. Whether it’s Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, All Saints, or Phillip Lim, everyone’s fingers have clenched onto a Talon zipper at some point, if not on a daily occasion. 

This summer, we joined forces to launch a very special collection, DRxTalon with Los Angeles-based designer “DRx” Romanelli. This is the first time Talon has partnered with a designer, and also the first time Talon’s zippers will be sold online directly to the public. 

DRx Romanelli (whose real name is Darren Romanelli) is well known for collaborating with brands to create limited edition sets of unique, one of a kind, vintage pieces. Bringing his pieces into conception often involves his passion for discovering old, well-made garments from a particular brand and reconstructing them into beautiful pieces of apparel that are art as much as they are clothing.